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early morning

One thing that does not change, as I learn my middle-aged map, is my love of the very early morning hours:  night sky to predawn light to day.

Since high school, I’ve been getting up early to have time for prayer and other creative work.  I’d study for a test again.  My dad was up early as well, to put the finishing touches on his history lesson plans.

I don’t mourn youth, as I always looked forward to being older.  For me anyway, language arts gifts take a lot of time and life to deepen.

morning coffee

 with pink clouds

 floating in sky

 pink lilies on the table

 bloom in reply

Photo courtesy of wpclipart.com.



life comes faster
than it can be lived

One year
grows into another
and another into

Still another
and the crowded
soul cries out.

Time is taken
but not given
to new poems yet…

The overgrown
garden needs
weeding and pruning

Still another
cold night
on the horizon.

Then, by His mercy
another summer
is given…

Butterflies and
hummingbirds find
the renewed garden

And geraniums
kept alive in winter
bloom outside again.

Time of Singing (1994); www.timeofsinging.com.

And So My Soul (Elin Grace Publishing, 2001).