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Parks and Seasons – 1

Stuart J. Mentink Memorial Park
August 21, 2019 – Oostburg, Wisconsin
Photos by Karl

Lake Michigan

Amsterdam Park – July 7, 2019
Town of Holland – Sheboygan County, Wisconsin
Photos by Karl

Winter Poems: Light

well below freezing
ice floats in the water
still the light is changing
robins and red-wings
will return on time

January 2012

day began early
and winding down
light catches the end
of an evergreen branch
in a light breeze

January 2013

February garden
light on evergreens
covered with snow
I still know the words
from songs long ago

February 2021

broccoli for lunch . . .
bright winter sun
days grow longer

Daily Haiku: March 2, 2020
Charlotte Digregorio’s Writer’s Blog

Photo by Tom Sandroy on Pexels.com

Short Poems for December

I bring the tiny tree
back into the house

winter landscape
old weathered barns
with one evergreen wreath

a barge with lights
travels our great lake . . .
thoughts and prayers
for those with thoughts
of home

before dawn
snow on pumpkins
near the porch light

gardens in Winter
the serene snowfall
and remembering
where snowdrops
will bloom

Photo by Karl

Winter soon

Winter soon
as December begins
this week, with
wind and rain
some snow today,
and the gourds
in the garden are
food for a squirrel
who doesn’t seem
to mind the weather

I’m grateful Karl brought the gourds home from our Town of Holland Recycling Center. They decorated the house and now the garden.