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Poems and Photo

I was reading a book and watching the trees. It is cold, but they know spring is here. Then I thought about changes in the yard over the years, and also what has endured and grown. And I remembered some poems and searched for a few more in our archives, and selected these for today’s post.

small flowers
old leaves and snow

forsythia by the garage
bright petals and beauty
for all to see along the road

in the area
where we had
to take a tree down
new peony leaves

different shapes
of the rose bush
and lilacs in the yard
they grew towards
the light

with all the ways
life can change
still they bloom
every year
daylilies and hosta

Photo by Karl – Easter Lily 2010

Garden Notes: Birds

We began here several years ago, and now the blog is a record of our seasons, which continues now. I thought I would look back and review some posts.

A few petunias
snapdragons, gold and white mums
the robins are gone.

Holding in my heart
as days become cold and dark
robins will return.

PEGASUS 1994 (print journal) and reprinted in a post September 22, 2018.

On Monday, we saw and heard red-winged blackbirds in Oostburg, Wisconsin. March 10, 2021

I heard, but did not see, an owl the other night.
Yesterday, I saw robins.
March 16, 2012

I saw the first robin in the yard today. March 21, 2015

early morning
and wondering
how best to work
Karl calls to me –
first robin in the yard

March 22, 2021

yesterday I saw
my first robin

Karl heard a cardinal
singing in the yard

and we followed the song
to the bird in a tree

April 4, 2022

Photo by Petr Ganaj on Pexels.com