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Winter Storm

A Winter Storm Warning for our area today. Lots of snow and wind. Just checked with the National Weather Service. In addition to the home page, they have an education category: NWS Education. I can also type my zip code and receive a local report.

The snow paintings on the windows are interesting, and each one different. The snow frames the windows and settles on the windows in different shapes.

Winter 2019 is a season we will remember.

Image is courtesy of wpclipart.

so very cold – take good care

So very cold, and I read today at the National Weather Service.

This is very severe weather, with “dangerous wind chills.”

I typed “weather” as a Google search, and it is 22 degrees below zero here now. The back yard thermometer tells me too, as the sun rises.

Our house began as a cottage in the 1940s. Many people have added their work over decades. Karl has worked hard to integrate the chapters of the house, with help from local businesses, and we are warm and comfortable.

And I am grateful for all who offer their gifts and work to all. Here I am, enjoying our blogs, with the internet. Hard to believe that it all works this well. Grateful.

Take good care always!

January morning

January morning
and the light is new

I move a small plant
from a file cabinet
to the sun on my desk

a new plant
to inspire prayers
for healing

One day we went to the Village Shoe Service store in town. They also sell crafts, cards, soaps, and other items. I bought a plant in a small pitcher with painted flowers, which also benefits cancer care in Sheboygan (need to learn more).

Some other local businesses we also visited over the holidays in our Town of Holland, Sheboygan County:

Country Grove, in Cedar Grove
Judi’s Place, in Oostburg
Mentink’s Market Piggly Wiggly, in Oostburg
Oostburg Bakery

Next on my list is the library! I so love this general area.

We donated to the Aurora Health Care Foundation, under the Grateful Patient program.

Ellen Grace Olinger

afternoon light

afternoon light
in my small study

shines on small gifts
from my mother
and aunt that I placed
on file cabinets today

a small gesture
that recalls their homes
and brings comfort
to my soul

listened to music
I’ve known for years

poetry books from friends

these many gifts
of each day

Ellen Grace Olinger

Interurban Trail, Town of Holland
Sheboygan County, Wisconsin
August 26, 2018
Photos by Karl

Watching A Barge

watching a barge
slowly travel
through deep waters
at sunrise
life of faith

September 8, 2012

Ellen Grace Olinger



Interurban Trail, Town of Holland
Sheboygan County, Wisconsin
August 26, 2018
Photos by Karl

Poem and Photos

warm memories
and new beginnings
a yellow bird
lights on the branches
with a few gold leaves

August 17, 2010

Ellen Grace Olinger



Interurban Trail, Town of Holland
Sheboygan County, Wisconsin
August 26, 2018
Photos by Karl