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Garden Journal

Daffodils 2019

New hosta plants are just beginning to grow around the ash tree stump.


Garden Journal
May 10, 2019
Oostburg, Wisconsin

Ellen Grace Olinger

Tree work continues and daylilies grow

We enjoyed a nice Easter meal at our kitchen table, yesterday noon, and then Karl worked in the yard.

Once a tall Ash tree, and it fell during a major storm at the end of summer 2018. We are very grateful for how it fell – no one hurt, not on the house.

We will clean up the saw dust, so the hosta can grow.

These are roots from a Willow tree.

Daylilies grow through last year’s leaves.

Garden Journal
April 22, 2019
Ellen Grace Olinger

poem and photo

on the lake
from the moon
through layers
of clouds
and evergreen
Easter morning

Karl worked more on the ash tree yesterday, and took this photo. Hosta will grow around the tree stump, and we can add a planter.

Poem by Ellen Grace Olinger

Wednesday afternoon

Still raining, though I can see the Lake Michigan horizon now. I corrected my post from this morning: we were at The Home Depot yesterday (not Target), as Karl needed a part for a tool. We have been to Target too, recently. We appreciate all our local businesses. Recently we were at Rupp’s in Sheboygan for lunch. Neighbors gave us a gift card to thank Karl for his help with a tree.

Karl is working on the fallen trees in the yard. Here’s a photo he took last Sunday. Professional landscapers and neighbors will help. His family had a cottage on the beach, further South, when he was growing up. I first knew Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, with my family. Then in Chicago too.

And a photo of our yard last Sunday:

This is all to be expected in Wisconsin in April. The fragrance of the new Easter lily is blessing our home.