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trees and poems

A lovely warm day, as only October here can bring.  The landscape has more red and orange, and some leaves have fallen.

F alling leaves in
A  utumn
L  etting through more
L  ight

Thank you for your comments and likes for yesterday’s post about the tree we had to have cut down.  Yesterday there was no more water on the stump, but there was some sap.  We’ll see what Spring brings.  The stump is near old pink peonies and a large forsythia.  Nature will fill in and heal.  When my parents had to take down an old apple tree, the stump became a good place for a large planter.  The plan here is for the tree stump to be removed, given the disease.

I went to Mead Library in Sheboygan today and saw other tree stumps here and there.  Everything gets used again in some way.  Interesting how we see what’s on our minds!

In terms of a poem for the water from the roots, when the tree was first gone, of course I think of my mother.  After her passing, I was grateful there were still things the family could do for her.  I remember writing a poem that was something like:

classic clothes
for others now
in the city she loved

My father’s clothes went to veterans.

When I was recovering from an illness years ago, I saw tree stumps with new growth, and that was a powerful healing image for me.  Growth of a new chapter, but with deeper roots now.  And sometimes it’s one tiny step at a time, making allowances for health needs.  Or sitting still, getting the deep-down rest.  I took heart.  Each person’s journey unique.  Grace and mercy.

golden sun
on gold leaves
unconditional love

Blessings for a good weekend,


water from the roots


Karl and I had to have an old tree, dying, taken down.  A winter storm would likely break it and send it falling on the garage, or a neighbor’s property.  After the tree was down, Karl called my attention to the disease present in the center of the stump.

Also there was a ring of water around the top of the stump.  The roots seemed to be trying to replenish the tree no longer there.

This inspires me.

I wonder what poems might grow?

* * *

The “Reward Of Merit” is courtesy of http://antiqueclipart.com.

Tree With Hosta – Psalm 1

And he shall be

like a tree

planted by rivers

of water…

From Psalm 1: 3 (KJV)

Photos of hosta
by Karl Olinger
July 2010