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grey-green morning

grey-green morning
hosta plants grow
by different trees
and by the porch

colorful primroses
in the yard
grow and bloom
from garden to lawn

lilacs along the roads
and in the yard soon

May 29, 2019

Hosta by the birch tree yesterday

Ellen Grace Olinger

butterfly photos

butterfly photos
in a large size
to picture just
how hopeful
hope can be

There are several butterfly photos at wpclipart. I have looked at them over the years, and used a few in posts. A picture on my Psalms DaySpring calendar in my little study got me thinking about the poem.

a Psalm, a poem

a Psalm, a poem
books and journals

read and reread
a few decades ago

a new time to learn
and new life to grow

and lessons learned
and so much grew

so again another Spring
cool days and rain falls

and how the daylilies
and cotoneasters grow

Journal Poem
May 18, 2019
Ellen Grace Olinger

There Are Days

there are days
to try harder
do one more thing
and other days
to stay the same
or do one less thing
not get too tired
to do anything
and then rest well

(I have learned more
how to balance
this new path I walk
as I am older)

and there are days
to read a new author
or book and days
to reread a favorite
poem a few times
often aloud to hear
the words and the blessings
of something familiar

like a lullaby

Ellen Grace Olinger

more hours of light

more hours of light
this time in May

I look up often
from the page
I am reading

yes, this window now
the shape of light
on the wall

and later another way
as the day begins to end
the night –
and then predawn

and watching again

An old poem:

and watching
the sky grow light
gift of another day
to read and write

Ellen Grace Olinger