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Gratitude Journal

Awhile ago, I began a handwritten gratitude journal after reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  Today I copied blessings I’ve noted on different pieces of paper into a journal I bought a few years ago.  I believe I have now counted 457 blessings, but I may discover some other papers in a drawer.

Blessing 440 said:

Reading, viewing blogs –

Now I am adding Monet in Michigan at Vector Charley.  This is a beautiful photo.

Wendy Brightbill is also sharing her art on Instagram.  More beautiful colors.



I saw some beautiful pictures with blue in my Reader this morning.

For example:

blue door by Sharon at Sunearthsky, Visual meditations from the Midwest

Still Life.1 by Charley at Vector Charley, All travel is local

* * *

The photos by Karl are favorites.  We’ll include some Lake Michigan photos in the Easter and Spring book.  I am not worried about any deadline for the print book, but my goal is to have an online version ready to share Easter weekend.  Each week, I see a little more of the book in my mind.  Have made several notes.

all winter
flowers rested
in the earth
beauty begins
in the heart

June2011Flowers 014