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Bloganuary: January 5, 2022

What is something you wish you knew how to do?

I would like to continue on this path, since December 2009 with this site, and improve my technical skills, and create small chapbooks from my posts. There are so many ways to grow with blogs.

This past year, I also enjoyed writing some Christmas cards, and was inspired by Violet Nesdoly in Canada. Her site is Violet Nesdoly author – writer – artist. I bought cards from her Etsy store. It had been some time since I sent handwritten cards. Karl and I wrote notes, over a few days. We also sent the photo of his Christmas Table to family and friends. Winters are long here, and we enjoy decorations for awhile.

I learned of Violet Nesdoly’s work a long time ago from Time of Singing, a print poetry journal.

One step at a time. Sometimes dreams are lost a little, or set aside for many good reasons, and they can be renewed. Daffodils bloom again. And good to have many interests. There are books on my shelves that work well at different times. Gratitude and Hope.

Posts that new readers may wish to view – and thank you for your visits. The Bloganuary 2022 challenge is off to a great start.

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