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Wisconsin winter

Wisconsin winter
today the calm beauty
I’ve known all my life
classical music
on the radio

We’ve had strong winds, and Lake Michigan waves splashed up into our front yard, tossing some wood that was drifting in the water. We are high enough above the lake, our shoreline was reinforced years ago, and so we are safe. It’s a different scene with the water this high, and no beach.

Karl took this photo on January 11, 2020.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Winter Solstice 2019 and Lake Levels

Posts in my reader reminded me that today is the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. I searched on Google and learned the solstice happens here at 10:19 PM (Central time).

The winter beauty can be stark here, with long winters and also the longer days of light at the same time. Truly wonderful to see, and always grateful for those who keep roads and power lines clear. All the good service.

Lake Michigan is at its highest level I can remember. Karl and neighbors are researching shore protection. I learned from Karl that 1986 was the last time the water was this high.

November begins

November begins
with blue sky
light grey clouds
and evergreen branches
weighted with snow

sunlight and branches
weighted with snow
November begins

Winter Storm

A Winter Storm Warning for our area today. Lots of snow and wind. Just checked with the National Weather Service. In addition to the home page, they have an education category: NWS Education. I can also type my zip code and receive a local report.

The snow paintings on the windows are interesting, and each one different. The snow frames the windows and settles on the windows in different shapes.

Winter 2019 is a season we will remember.

Image is courtesy of wpclipart.