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creative notes

I received Wendy Brightbill’s beautiful 2016 calendar.  She is featuring her one word prints this year.  Her main site may be viewed here.


This week I am reading more of Jan Karon’s new novel, Come Rain or Come Shine.  So much life in her books, and wonderful characters!  I looked at her site this morning.  I am slow with novels at the beginning, as I adjust my reading from short poems to prose.


Quiet Christmas Poetry, our large print chapbook, is still available from the books page at Time Of Singing.  All proceeds benefit TOS.  Thanks to Lora Homan Zill, Editor, for her support.


This has been a good creative year – the photos and galleries were a big leap for me!  Grateful.

Blessings, Ellen

Gratitude Journal

Awhile ago, I began a handwritten gratitude journal after reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  Today I copied blessings I’ve noted on different pieces of paper into a journal I bought a few years ago.  I believe I have now counted 457 blessings, but I may discover some other papers in a drawer.

Blessing 440 said:

Reading, viewing blogs –

Now I am adding Monet in Michigan at Vector Charley.  This is a beautiful photo.

Wendy Brightbill is also sharing her art on Instagram.  More beautiful colors.

Tuesday art notes


I was grateful to be able to look at Monet prints at Oostburg Family Dentistry yesterday.  The paintings from Monet in this post are courtesy of wpclipart.

All is well and grateful for excellent care.  They also have a large fish tank, which must be nice for patients of all ages.

* * *

Charlotte Digregorio posts daily haiku, by many poets.  I  enjoyed reading a haiku by Julie Warther yesterday.

Julie is our Midwest Coordinator at the Haiku Society of America.  Charlotte served in this role when I rejoined and made me feel so welcome; and now serves as Second Vice-President.


I love the way there is always room for one more with blogs.  People enjoy learning in many ways.

And I also love that schedules can be flexible.  Yesterday I was happy to see Wendy Brightbill’s post, with many new pieces that she refers to as “one word prints.”  Wendy’s site is a girl and her brush.

One more by Monet:


Flowers, Art, tinywords

Today I stopped at Caan Floral & Greenhouses in Sheboygan.  I had not been there in a long time and bought some flowers.  I was pleasantly surprised to see their gifts by Kelly Rae Roberts.

I believe I learned of Kelly Rae Roberts from Christine Mason Miller and Wendy Brightbill.

So wonderful to see art online also find a presence in stores.  Caan’s is a wonderful place to visit in winter too!

When I came home and checked my email, I learned a new issue of tinywords begins today.

Early Morning

early morning
and reading
many writers
each time I look
the sky has changed

through many
layers of green leaves
blue sky and clouds

* * *

I’ve been following Wendy Brightbill’s blog, A Girl And Her Brush, for some time.  Wendy wrote in a recent post that she began with Pinterest too.  A few of her wonderful prints grace our walls.

* * *

I’m catching up with frogpond, the journal of The Haiku Society of America.  Francine Banwarth is the Editor.  Michele Root-Bernstein is the Associate Editor.  I recognize many of the poets and their voices, and many are new for me.  Christopher Patchel’s Cover Design and Photos are always wonderful.

Post updated on July 14, 2014