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Daily Prompt: The Power Of Touch


I haven’t written to one of the WordPress prompts for a time.  Today’s prompt is about touch, memories, and textures.

Here’s the link:  http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/12/06/daily-prompt-textures.

And my response:

I keep a notebook and a nice pen here by my computer.  I’m always copying links, credits, poems to reprint, etc.   My notebook and pen are blue these days, and I love writing with a good pen.  So that is touch, as is typing on this keyboard.  Some of the letters are completely gone, so my high school teacher taught me well.

Touch is so important with caregiving.  My mother and I held hands.  Then I held – and still hold – the Bible I read aloud to her.

And I love the textures of the homemade throws and afghans I bought at Bethesda Thrift Store.  What a wonderful legacy, that something crafted makes another’s life more beautiful and comfortable.

I remember another haiku you like:

stack of art books
not needing to read today
just need them there

Wendy Brightbill’s mixed-media print, “but she just kept going…,” is still on the wall in my little study.  http://agirlandherbrush.com  Wendy is sharing new work in her blog posts.

Three stars are by my study door.  They say LOVE FAITH HOPE.

The picture of the paper is from wpclipart.com.

Sunday morning

Yesterday I went to Book World in Sheboygan to buy the new issue of Artful Blogging.  Wendy Brightbill (please see previous post) reminded me of the magazine, as she mentioned her banner was selected for publication in the current issue.  The publisher, Stampington & Company, has a nice website and I could have ordered online.  But I had the time, and we only have two bookstores in Sheboygan now, and none in Oostburg.  The other bookstore in Sheboygan is SonLight Books – Parable Christian Store.  Mead Public Library also sells used books.

Then I went to Dutters Gibbsville Orchard and bought peaches from Michigan, that were picked the day before.   I also bought a few homemade donuts and blueberries.  Karl and I drove by the orchard this spring when the old apple trees were in bloom.  The orchard is beautifully pruned and maintained.  We’ll be back to buy their apples.

Sunday morning
finding the poems again
in silence

Oh Beauty

after times of loss
great worry
I want to feel
my own
art again

I was sad
perhaps numb

oh beauty

the line of a poem
a Psalm, a song,
a kind note

that breaks
my heart open

and I find poems

Perhaps because of Lent, I am prayerfully looking at my life in a big picture way.  This is from my journal today, with some editing as I type.  I’ll send it off, and let it be spontaneous.

Wendy Brightbill is also speaking of beauty and the broken places.  One of her mixed media art prints is in my study, with her saying “but she just kept going…”  Beautiful.  Please visit her site if you have a moment:  http://www.agirlandherbrush.com.

Blue Colors

Lake Michigan and the sky along the horizon are the same pastel blue.  The horizon is not defined. The absence of leaves opens the view here and along the roads. 

I mentioned the various blogs I enjoy, often reflected in the generous comments and the “likes” for a post, which I appreciate very much.  Kind feedback arrives in many ways.

This fall I began following Wendy Brightbill’s, a girl and her brush, finding beauty in broken places. She is posting her journal pages and mixed-media paintings. http://agirlandherbrush.wordpress.com

Here’s an evening photo by Karl with more blue colors.