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social distance greetings

social distance greetings
across parking lots
and park spaces
open in some ways
closed in others
we all understand
and are grateful
our common good

And garden journal photos by Karl this week:

Bridal wreath by Lake Michigan – we planted this bush years ago.

Poppies were planted by previous owners decades ago.

Kohler-Andrae State Park

Karl and I drove to Kohler-Andrae State Park today.

We already have our annual vehicle admission sticker for the Wisconsin State Park System. Wisconsin DNR & COVID-19 has more information.

People were there. The park is large and it was easy to practice social distance. We have our face masks in the car, when needed. There was plenty of room to walk.

The visitor center at the entrance is closed. By the building, there is a garden and pond. Karl took these photos there, and in that area.

A beautiful day. One good careful step at a time.


all the years
they live through
and add colors
to our days

after long winters
and now COVID-19

bleeding hearts
yellow primroses
ferns grow tall
in morning sun

I am reading a new article about “Seeds & Home Gardening” at the Wisconsin Historical Society. If you are interested, you can read/view images at COVID-19: BIG history is happening.

Karl removed more garlic mustard. I learned more about Garlic mustard and why it is an “ecological threat” at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

bleeding hearts graphic – wpclipart


We lost most of our ash tree in the recent storm.  Karl has been taking care of the wood.  We’ll leave part of the tree stump and see what happens.  Hosta surround the stump, which may become a place for a large planter.  We have also seen new growth from fallen trees, over time.  I will watch and learn more.

100_7033 (2)

Hosta leaf and ash tree
Garden Journal
October 2016

after the storm
bird on a branch
of the broken tree

August 2018
Ellen Grace Olinger


Parnell Tower Trail Park
Kettle Moraine State Forest – Northern Unit
August 2018


Friends Fishing Pond
Part of Kohler-Andrae State Park
Sheboygan County
August 2018

The previous two photos are by Karl.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has a page for Forest Health.