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Saturday Afternoon


GT Graphics in Sheboygan, Wisconsin printed our Quiet Christmas Poetry book beautifully.  Karl worked with this printer before, through his volunteer work with the Wisconsin Great Lakes Coalition.

We picked up a box of 150 copies yesterday, and today mailed a smaller box to Lora Homan Zill at Time Of Singing, which is published by Wind & Water Press. When the book is listed on the TOS Books Page, I’ll post a short note.  Lots of time before Christmas, and the last poem in the book is a tanka for the new year.  All proceeds benefit Time Of Singing.

Today, I honor the work of GT Graphics, and Karl’s volunteer work to help watch over our great Lake Michigan.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers.  When we were packing the box of books, I thought, “Go little book into the world, and bless many people.”  And I said to Karl, “Maybe someone will read one of my poems and decide that they can write too.”



I first began watching birds, in an informal way, when we lived in Illinois.  Our home was in a rural area that was surrounded more and more by development and highways.  I fell in love with the setting and so was willing to commute to school and/or work in other places for many years: Glen Ellyn, DeKalb, and Chicago.  When a nearby field was given a sidewalk, I rejoiced because it was getting harder and harder to cross the highway for my long walks.  But the day I saw the tractors getting ready to develop the field, I was heartbroken.

HOWEVER, the result was beautiful.  A park was built so children had a safe place to play.  A school was built.  The saving grace was that the field included a small wetland, which became like a lake with a gravel path around it, with benches.  Native prairie plants were added.  The red-winged blackbirds and the herons arrived.  Signs explained that preserving wetlands kept water out of basements.

One year, here in Wisconsin, we saw a pelican stand by Lake Michigan for a long time.  It was another gift.  Then the pelican flew away.


These beautiful pictures are in the Public Domain and are courtesy of wpclipart.com.

I view and read blogs by some serious bird-watchers and learn so much.  Please add your links to the Comments, if you wish.

Karl has served on the Board of the Wisconsin Great Lakes Coalition for many years.  The link to their site is: http://www.wisconsingreatlakescoalition.org.