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This morning I looked at our cedar tree and thought of my poems about trees. Some of the weathered trees are images of strength and beauty for me. The hard years show, and then new growth.

weathered trees
strong and beautiful
my time of healing

branches viewed
in the corner windows
beloved old tree

looking at trees
I remember prayers
of friends

We reprinted “looking at trees” in our large print chapbook, Quiet Christmas Poetry.

Some of you may remember that we lost an ash tree. The tree fell during a major storm at the end of summer 2018. We are very grateful for how it fell – no one hurt, not on the house. The hosta plants grew around the tree stump again, and the flowers were especially beautiful last summer. We also put a red begonia planter on the stump.

Photo by Ellen Grace Olinger, 2019

Ash Firewood Done – work and photo by Karl, 2019

By Lake Michigan – photo by Karl, 2019

And then a pumpkin in November 2019 – photo by Karl

Always hope
Creative at home
Ellen Grace Olinger

Time and Place: Grateful for Parks in Town

Stuart J. Mentink Memorial Park is a small park near the railroad tracks and a business area in Oostburg, Wisconsin. We often reflect upon how thoughtful the growth has been in general over the years.

The post from June 18, 2019 features photos from Stuart J. Mentink Memorial Park in June.

Stuart J. Mentink Memorial Park – July 6, 2019

Parks In Town, the post from July 6, 2019, also includes photos from Veterans Park.

Stuart J. Mentink Memorial ParkAugust 21, 2019

September Park also has photos from Stuart J. Mentink Memorial Park this year.

I like to think we are adding to local history with some of our posts.

Photos by Karl

Ellen Grace Olinger