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Daffodil Years

Flowers from a store and our gardens

Ellen Grace Olinger – March 2017 – flowers from a store
Photo by Karl – April 2019
Ellen Grace Olinger – May 2016
Photo by Karl – May 2020
Photo by Karl – May 2020

Short Poems: Late Winter and Early Spring

Snow in the gardens today. These are poems from this time of year here in Wisconsin.

blue sky
with cotton clouds

March 16, 2010

snow after snowdrops
and a glimpse of Spring
Wisconsin gardens

March 16, 2021

daffodils bloom first
west of our great lake
and plants grow here too

April 13, 2021

country graves
silk flowers bloom
by the stones

colder Spring
yet the snowdrops
twice as many

hope shines
on the hillside
a few daffodils

April 30, 2013

April in Wisconsin
Garden Journal
April 14, 2020
Photo by Karl

Poem and Photos

cold day
yet bright sun
and no wind
we go to Sheboygan
one way and drive home
another way
beloved roads

We went by the Greenwing Drive retention ponds, and I recalled photos by Karl.

Greenwing Drive retention ponds
Sheboygan, Wisconsin – July 2018
Photos by Karl

a poem a song

a poem a song
we review important
dates on the family calendar
past and present
last week of December
and early in the new year