Tag: Wisconsin Poetry

February afternoon

blue sky
and sun shines
on the snow
that rests on
evergreen trees

shadows of trees
on the snow that
covers the path,
flower gardens,
and lawn

if the weather is not
too severe –

I thought of patients needing
to see their caregivers now, and
when I needed to reach my mother,

teach a class –

there is a solitude
a quiet now
like no other time
of the year

Ellen Grace Olinger


time to sit quietly
watch the sky

then as I read
how beautiful

the reflection
of a lamp
in the window

Ellen Grace Olinger

LETTERS acrostic poem

L  ove
T  ranscending
T  ime
E  verlasting
R  emembrance of
S  ouls

Today will be a big mail day. Mail could only be delivered one day this week, which we surely understand. The acrostic is from my archives.

Ellen Grace Olinger


sometimes I think
a room will feel warmer
with the blinds closed

yet how wonderful
to raise them
and let the sun shine
into a room

see the frost paintings
the shapes of tree branches
track the light
through the seasons

Ellen Grace Olinger