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Wisconsin Postcard

summer warmth
returns to Wisconsin

corn begins to grow
sweet tiny plants

a dairy cow naps
in sun in a field

a poet tries to paint
the postcard in words

others are painting
their watercolors
drawing birds

taking pictures
writing a novel
weeding and planting
caring for someone
grading papers and teaching
editing and publishing others
writing software code,
music, poems, and essays . . .

(please complete the list
with your art)

honoring and cherishing
a loved one’s memory

Memorial Day

* * *

To Harold Borgh, my father

Carl Borgh, who kept the trains running here at home

Eugene Brandt MD, who served and trained doctors, and then gave his career to a Veterans Hospital in Milwaukee

Paul Brandt, my cousin, who returned from Vietnam and left a conservation legacy in southwestern Wisconsin at his sudden passing at the age of 60

and so many others . . .

We honor you.  We love you.  We pray for peace.  Ellen

A Poem For My Father – In Remembrance

Yesterday, I saw a hearse parked in front of a funeral home, and I was reminded that while this is a quieter Christmas for me, so far, it’s not so for others.

I remembered the years after my dad died in his 60s (1983), and how young my mother was to be a widow.  She was an English professor; literature and faith sustained her. 

This poem, which I posted here in the first month of this blog, inspired my mother to display a young photo of my father.  So that’s what a poem can do! 


I taped up a picture of you
It must have been your last
Healthy Christmas–long overdue,
But you understand
I know you do.

And I’m up early to have some
Time alone before teaching, too
And I understand even more now
You know I do.

Mom’s doing better now…
She told me how you stood
Between two railroad cars
All the way from Washington D.C.
To Chicago after World War II.

And I’m teaching my heart out
Giving essay tests, too
Pouring out my soul
Like you used to do.

It’s Christmas again, and I
Taped up a picture of you
I’m writing poems and
Taking walks–doing fine
But missing you
Has not ceased with time.

Published first in MIdwest Poetry Review; July, 1993.
Image courtesy of Dover Publications.  Free sample from Birds.
Dad would like the idea of free samples!

Veterans Day

Today I honor my father and others in my family and I’m sure in the lives of readers.  Dad served in World War II, earned his Ph.D, and then taught History for 32 years.   Dr. Harold Borgh was kind and dedicated.  I am inspired to learn more about history, as I remember him. Earlier this fall, I wrote a post in memory of my cousin, Paul F. Brandt, who died in 2006.  Paul was a Vietnam veteran.  My father wrote him letters faithfully.   Paul is honored in Wisconsin for his work in conservation.

The Paul Brandt School Forest in Boscobel, WI

The Paul Brandt School Forest in Boscobel, Wisconsin

For Paul F. Brandt

Another death
a sudden death
this autumn of
winter in October.

Condolences pour in
your service strengthens
and your body is laid to rest
in beloved Wisconsin land.

Now the grief begins
and how else could it be?

Surely a few people
will remain with us
in our loving sorrow
like the golden leaves
left on the tree
outside my window
that will turn green again…

Paul, my cousin, died suddenly in 2006.   His significant contribution to conservation and education in Southwestern Wisconsin continues to grow.

Photo courtesy of Ruth Bauer.

 Poem published in Time of Singing (Fall 2008).