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Three Haiku by Carol Purington

Carol enjoyed sharing her poetry in many ways. This is a post we created at Haiku Art Site for January 27, 2016.

Snowflakes falling
on my head and on yours
we are not strangers

Prayer before soup
we unclasp our hands
to break bread

Leafless tree
its branches full
of setting sun

Haiku by Carol Purington
Reprinted with her permission
All Rights Reserved

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Books by Carol Purington


Books by Carol Purington

There is information about Carol’s new book, Farm Song, at Woodslawn Farm “A Seventh Generation Family Farm in Colrain, Massachusetts.” You can also learn more about her books at her Poetry page. Her family links to her page on Amazon and provides more information.

Morning Song Poems for New Parents, Edited by Susan Todd and Carol Purington, was published in 2011 by St. Martin’s Press / Macmillan, in New York.

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Creative Note in Memory: Carol Purington (1949 – 2020)

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Christmas Tanka by Carol Purington: So Far Below Zero and Caroling House to House





So far below zero
even the blackbirds have left
this colorless world–
the Christmas candle
throws a circle of light


Caroling house to house
hands cold in fleecy mittens–
words of peace
ring out from shaky voices
to touch a steady star

 By Carol Purington

Published here with her kind permission.  All Rights Reserved.

Update, 12/19/2012:  Here is the link to Carol’s poetry page at her family website.  You’ll find more poems and information about her books.  http://www.woodslawnfarm.com/p/poetry.html