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Creative Notes

One day this week, I was reading and then saw a beautiful reflection of icicles on the wall and March calendar, our month of Spring (March 20). I note the image here, and perhaps can write the poem another day.

Two books of poetry I am reading these days are by Luci Shaw.

The books are:

Sea Glass: New & Selected Poems (2016, WordFarm)

and Eye of the Beholder: Poems (2018, Paraclete Press).

You can learn more about these books and others at Luci Shaw’s New Releases page. I’ve been reading her poetry and prose for years.

book note – 2

This year Sea Glass: New & Selected Poems by Luci Shaw was published by WordFarm.  I read her new poems and now will enjoy the selected poems.

I’ve read Luci Shaw’s poetry for many years, and will also be interested to see which poems were selected for this new book.

Today I discovered that WordFarm offers a “PDF excerpt” from the book.