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Art, Poems, Hope

Every morning, I look forward to seeing and reading poetry. I began this post yesterday.

the window
frames a picture

and other times
one small branch
is the poem –
ever green and a blue

Photos I select may reflect today, or look forward, or may be art that I simply think others would enjoy as well. An artist may be just beginning to publish, or may have a few followers or a thousand or more. Sometimes I can see that someone is staying with a theme, and trying new ideas. Or I can see how different artists create with similar themes.

For now, words are the major part of my days. And I have other ideas if I ever cannot read and write. Creativity will always be there in some form. Always hope.

There are new study window and kitchen window poems here every day. Some get written. So many ways to be creative. Thank you.

Photo by Sanjay Sawant on Pexels.com

2020 Review

I am beginning to review my 2020 Stats.

Acrostic Poem For READING continues to be the most viewed post, after Home page/Archives.

The Reading acrostic post is from April 16, 2010. And I have reprinted the poem over the years.

Readers are from more places than I can name here. I am so grateful to all.

If one person enjoys a post, or a few, or many – how wonderful. I cannot comprehend, and simply say “thank you.”

I also am grateful for the WordPress.com free photo library. I choose the photo that I think works best for a post. Sometimes the artist has many followers, and sometimes an artist is just beginning to publish.

I love how there is room for everyone, and always room for one more, with blogs. I practice here – a place for me to learn one day at a time.

Ellen Grace Olinger


“Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!

You registered on WordPress.com 11 years ago.

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.”


schedules, different
places and times

seasons vary,
ages, art forms

I look at my emails
and WordPress reader

blogs I have followed for years
and new blogs this week

and my archives – the times
I had to be away – and then
could post again

in my own small way
I know how day-to-day
recovery can be
and needs to be

time has to go by
and careful follow-up
instructions to honor

now I am older
and life can be better
and life can be so hard

and art grows too
and life can be better
once again over time

Photo by Susanne Jutzeler on Pexels.com

I follow the news – the data here and for the world. Personal stories.

And I also am blessed by our WordPress work. Thank you.

Creative at home
Ellen Grace Olinger