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The Psalms

I pray the Psalms for peace. I look at my blog and am grateful for readers from many countries. And posts from many countries. My father and others in our families were/are veterans. In 1978, I went to Poland with my father. This was for almost a month, with a formal group from UW-Milwaukee. For new readers, and all readers, one of our sites is POEMS FROM PSALMS AND NATURE. It amazes me, through decades of life so far, how the Psalms offer hope. When I am overwhelmed, this practice of contemplative prayer is a source of strength.

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Notebook Of Prayers – 2

This post continues my post yesterday, Old Poems For A New Month: Notebook Of Prayers.

L  ove
N  ot
T  emporary

LENT acrostic poem

all that has happened
since the last time they bloomed

cold – yet from this ground
daffodils will grow

morning light
forms part of a cross
on the wood wall
my faith completes
the picture

“morning light” is from my page, Morning light – Tanka (a sequence of poems).

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