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June Garden 2021

Karl and I enjoyed some sunny time in the yard. He planted the lily plants from Meijers in Sheboygan, the red geranium from Windmill Gardens in Cedar Grove, and the hyacinth plant from Walmart this Spring. On the porch we have a new begonia planter from The Home Depot in Kohler, and a pansies planter from Walmart in Sheboygan.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com
Photo by Daniel Spase on Pexels.com


a deer discovers
the hosta

new leaves
on the birch tree
and on the branch
with no leaves
a robin

on the branch
with no leaves
sun and shadows

reading poetry
my own words

for a time

reading poetry
from books and journals
recently in the mail
and also on my shelves
for a time

and for a different
sense of time

the new sun
on the birch trees
in the back yard

January 2015

Ellen Grace Olinger

Yard Work

Yesterday, Karl and I worked in the yard and began with the clean up after the storm.  We were without power the previous night, from 8 PM until shortly before 6 AM yesterday.  Others in the area were without power longer.  We are grateful to all who worked such long hours to restore service.

We have seen trees grow again in new ways after losing a good part of the tree, or from the stump.  This is a powerful metaphor of healing and resilience.

I remember when my mother lost an apple tree.  The tree stump became a place for a big planter of flowers.

Ellen Grace Olinger